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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guides and Tutorials for Interactive Whiteboards

ActivInspire Blog
ActivInspire GUIDE: gives you exact how-to's for objects, layers, grouping, browsers and settings, drag-and-drop, backgrounds, colors, photo backgrounds, reveal tools, resource packs, page management, desktop tools and flipchart, and an EXCELLENT grouping of shortcuts; nicely laid out for printing
Jill Pierce's Resources
Kent ICT: tools, guides, tutorials, resources, tips
Madera Unified School District
Nettrekker: An automatic login at school allows free use from school and also allows you to create your account to use from home. Enter search term.
Promethean Training: all things Promethean...tutorials, training flipcharts, enrichment activities, how-to tutorials, quick tips, more from Madera School District 
Frederick County Public Schools: tutorials, quick tips and guides 
Quick Reference Tips, Tutorials: more from Broadway Middle School
Quick Tips, Tutorials, Templates from QZAB Teachers 
TeacherTube: enter "flipcharts" in search box

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