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Interactive Activities in Science

Agriculture in the Classroom, KidsTeen Scene,  State Agricultural Facts for all States
ARKive Educational Games - wildlife, habitats
Body & Mind from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
Children's Museum of Indianapolis,  PreK-23-56-8
Exploring the Secret Life of Trees - English or Spanish
FossWeb - K-23-66-8
Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Grades 7-12 Interactives (amazing collection); Virtual Labs (Transgenic Fly, Bacterial Identification Lab, Cardiology Lab, Neurophysiology Lab, Immunology Lab); Animations (good collection)
Interactives from (grades 7-12)
Kid's Guide to the Circulatory System - Many excellent resources including interactive activities, lesson plans, worksheets, and more
Let's Talk About Insects - English or Spanish
Museum of Science and Industry: How To Activities - Great Ideas, Experiments, videos; select See All from the left side under How-to's, Activities, and Podcasts - Educational games and simulations in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economics
Physics Classroom - Excellent collection of tutorials, simulations, help pages, more 
Planet ARKive - educational interactive games including plant life, animal survival, habitats, more
Planets (great activity for the interactive whiteboard; allows teachers or students to control how they are viewing the solar system; users may touch and drag to move things around and there is also a complete set of controls to change the scale, speed of orbits, or planetary object to follow)
Primary Resources - select activity; legend at bottom of page reflects file type and age group
Science Learning Network: - oceans, atoms, weather, dissections, much more
The Adventures of Herman - English or Spanish; learn all about worms
The Great Plant Escape - English or Spanish 
Topmarks (select Science or Biology and select a level) 
Trees are Terrific - English or Spanish
Waterford Press - FREE, but register for dozens of games, activities, quizzes
ZOOM - The Virtual Kitchen and The Reality Kitchen